Game Review: Hive

If you are good at chess, this is a light-hearted game for two people that travels easily and is fun to play.

Hive is a strategic game that does not use a board.  It is purely tile placement and has features similar to chess in that there are tiles with different pictures on them and each moves in a different way.

Game Review: Hive

How is Hive played?

The pieces for Hive consist of heavy hexagonal tiles that each have pictures of different insects on them.  Each insect moves in a different way.  The goal of the game is to have the opponent’s queen bee completely surrounded by tiles.

Tiles are never removed, although they can be locked down..

There is a short list of rules in the hive that cannot be broken:

  • You cannot break the hive into two parts ever.

  • You must always place a new tile against a hex side of your color, unless it is the first move of the second person to play.

  • The queen must be placed by your fourth turn

  • On a turn you may either place a new tile or move a tile that is already on the table

Hive gameplay

Expansions have added some insects with new types of moves.

These are the different types of tiles and how they move:

  • Queen Bee:  can only move one space or hex side per turn.
  • Soldier Ant:  can move to any other position along the edge of the hive it can slide to, but cannot jump
  • Grasshopper:  can jump over tiles from its location to the next unoccupied space in a straight line along the hex tiles.
  • Beetle:  can move only one space, but can climb on top of other pieces, both friendly and enemy tiles.  If the beetle is on a piece, then that stack is considered to be the beetle’s color for new tile placement. A tile that is under the stack cannot move.
  • Spider:  must move three spaces along the edge of the hive and cannot backtrack.
  • Ladybug:  has a similar move to a knight in chess.  After placement as normal, it moves by jumping up onto a hive tile, moving to a second hex tile on top, then dropping down to any available space around the second tile.
  • Mosquito:  does not have its own movement.  It steals the movement ability of any tile it is currently touching.
  • The last tile that was added was the Pillbug:  it has complicated movement of opponent pieces that is accompanied by a list of 5 restrictions on the movement of its target.
Hive tiles

Why is Hive a good game?

  • It is simple and easy to learn.
  • You can put the tiles in a small bag and travel with it easily.
  • Games are quick, lasting about 10-20 minutes.
  • It’s an easy one if you need a two-player game, or something to keep two people busy while they wait for another game.
  • The tiles are solid and fun to move around.

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

  1. If you’ve played Hive did you like it?
  2. Have you ever ended in a draw?
  3. Do you have any strategy tips?

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2 thoughts on “Game Review: Hive”

  1. Jan David Fisher

    This is the first time I found the comment area! I have several comments/questions.
    1. Can I order the Sabacc online? I looked, the answer is yes.
    2. I read both SF and fantasy. The Star Wars are my favorite SF especially novels that give us extra depth to the characters.
    3. Using the wands:
    a. How long does a shield spell last?
    b. How long do I have to wait between spells.
    c. More importantly, can I cast multiple spells, one after another? That is, cast a shield, then cast a Fireball? Will the shield stay in place while the fireball
    is going on?

    1. Hello Jan Fisher!
      1. I have only played one version of Sabacc, and it turns out there are a few different ones, so search carefully for the one that is most fun or most true to the story arc!
      2. I am always amazed at how many stories have fit into the Star Wars Universe. My favorite though, is Ender’s Game, without a doubt. I love the writing, but there are so many messages and lessons you can take from the book too!
      3. About the wands:
      a. Currently the shield lasts 7 seconds, but we are in testing and will determine if that is enough. Future versions of the spell may be able to shield teammates too!
      b. You do not have to wait between spells. The animation and sound effects will let you know when the spell is cast and you can move on to the next spell, or running for your life!
      c. When you have a shield active, you cannot cast offensive spells. It is like a force shield around you that makes you invulnerable (hopefully long enough that you can run for cover). Enemies can hit your shield and will receive a small amount of points for that, but you will receive no damage. In future incarnations, a teammate may be able to cast a defensive shield for wizards in the vicinity, and allow them to fight from cover.

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