Wizard Tag Web Design

Most businesses need a website and Wizard Tag is no exception.  We decided to go it alone when it came to web design.  (And by that I mean that Cally did it all!)

There are two ways to get a website built.  You can hire someone, or do it yourself!  If you decide to be your own web designer, there are many ways to get it done.  Some are cheaper than others and some are easier than others.

Wizard Tag Web Design

How can you find a good web designer?

  • Freelance websites like UpWork
  • Reddit
  • Internet searches
  • Word of mouth
  • Do it yourself

How do you design your own website?

First…have your daughter do it! (…)

Once you make the decision to do it yourself, there are a lot of website builders that can help you.  In the past, you needed to be a programmer with knowledge of html code, in order to create a website.  Now there are plenty of tools that basically provide templates and widgets to do everything that you want.

CNET recently did a review for 2024 of website builders:

  • Best overall (and best for free):  Wix
  • Best pre-packaged design:  Squarespace
  • Easiest to use:  Weebly
  • Most customizable:  Duda
  • Best no-frills:  GoDaddy
  • Best for writers and bloggers:  WordPress
  • Best for basic e-commerce:  Shopify

What kind of obstacles has Cally faced with web design?

Cally chose to use WordPress.

  • Configuring Domain and Host Server (DNS settings, connecting to other services like email, social media, and the like).
  • Learning how WordPress works.
  • Learning the keyboard shortcuts for the platform.
  • Researching and installing the right plugins.
  • Make sure the plugins work and don’t interfere with each other.
  • Learning how to backup the website… just in case something gets messed up.
  • Determining a simple theme to follow across the website.
  • Learning how to make reference pages to link with shortcode.  That way we only have to update the one reference page, and it updates on all the pages with the shortcode.
  • Making the website user friendly on desktop, tablet, and mobile.  Because something that looks okay on desktop can look weird on mobile.
  • How to create and properly make use of Redirect Pages.
  • And probably many more…

Is it a good idea to design and run your own website?

Financially, yes.  When you can afford to have someone dedicate more time to it, then it should pay off to have a professional do it!  There are so many things you could do if you had the knowledge.  For example:  optimizing the loading speed, changing fonts, colors, formatting in general, and tracking traffic.

For startups, it really makes sense to use the cheap or free resources to get started!

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

  1. Have you ever built a website?
  2. If you did, which website builder did you use, or did you code it from scratch?
  3. Is there anything on the Wizard Tag website that is confusing, that you would change for aesthetic reasons, or that isn’t there but you would like to see?

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