Game Review: Hounded

Hounded is a game of conflict between two people who are playing a Hunter and a Fox.

The Hunter is trying to box in the fox and prevent his movement, thus ending the game, and the Fox is just trying to survive until most of the tiles are turned over, or until he finds the lucky three needed for the alternate win.

Game Review: Hounded

What is the game Hounded?

Hounded is a small box game that doesn’t have a board.  There are 49 tiles placed in a 7×7 grid.

One person plays the fox, while the other person plays the hunter.  The hunter has a team of hounds, each with different capabilities to employ.  The fox only has himself!  

The fox can find (make) tunnels and move around freely.  If he doesn’t get boxed in and survives until 43 tiles are turned over, then he wins.  Or the fox can win by discovering the morning, noon, and night tiles.

Some tiles help the hunter’s movement and some help the fox. You play by moving and turning over tiles at the end of your move.

Hounded setup

Sub-header (incl. keywords/questions)

  • If you only have two players, it is a two-player only game
  • Games last 15-25 minutes
  • It is not a very complex game.
  • You need skill but there is still a lot of luck involved.

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

  1. Do you like small box games like this?
  2. Do you think they have good replayability, or is it just because they are easily transported that they get more play?
  3. Do you play more 2 player or multiplayer games?

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