Finding Wizard Tag

From the Cobblestone Streets of Prague to the Bohemian Forests

Jon’s final assignment in the military was at the U.S. Embassy in Prague. Jon and Cally walked to and from work through the magical cobblestone streets.  Their path wound through some of the oldest parts of the city, past the Prague Castle, gardens, and Cathedral.

One day, there was an office birthday, so, being Americans, the classic laser tag birthday party was set up, with pizza and the friendly competition of battle.

It was so much fun, Jon and Cally continued reminiscing about it while on a father-daughter hike through a forested trail in the Czech Republic.  Somewhere along the way, a stick was picked up, waved around, and the words that were said, set the conversation for the next 14 hours of the hike.

“What if there was laser tag, but with wands.”

What Makes Wizard Tag Special

“Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology is Indistinguishable from Magic.” ~ Arthur C. Clarke

Wizard Tag is a company dedicated to making an engaging and active game that does not require staring at a screen.  It builds on the fantasy genre and uses technology to bring magic to life.  Wizard Tag is special because there is no other product quite like it in function, style, quality of materials, and realistic designs that hide the technology.

By integrating new technology, we can better immerse Wizards to create a more playful magical experience.

We want to build magic wands that simulate magical combat, and laser tag is a great place to start.

Wizard Tag

Our Mission

Provide high-quality wands that immerse people in fantasy.

Our Vision

We want to make magic real.

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