Game Review: Betrayal at House on the Hill (3rd Edition)

I was lucky to have played this game at GENCON and had some of the designers standing over my shoulder when I was chosen to betray the group.  It was super fun and a great experience to be able to give direct feedback to the creators!

We highly recommend getting this game or playing it if you haven’t already.  I won’t describe much of the mechanics, since they are simple, but I will explain why this is a good cooperative game with excellent replayability.

Game Review: Betrayal at House on the Hill (3rd Edition)

Why is Betrayal a good cooperative game?

  • Easy to coordinate movements and turns between players
  • Good backstory that makes you want to succeed
  • Characters have asymmetric statistics and different equipment, so each is good for something…usually!
The Traitor is revealed!

How is Betrayal different from other cooperative games?

  • The main difference is that everyone works together…until someone in the group betrays the rest!
  • Since you don’t know who will betray the others, it creates some funny situations and a person who was an expert at this type of coop, may suddenly become the enemy!
  • There are 50 “betrayals” or scenarios in 3rd edition, which makes each game different.  
  • Some of the games turn out to be free-for-alls, or everyone betrays each other!
  • There is no single strategy that will always work, other than trying to explore as much as possible before the betrayal happens.
And immediately kills one of the players…

What other features make Betrayal a good choice for game night?

  • This is a great game to play when you have 5 or 6 people
  • Easy to teach
  • Easy to learn
  • Since there are 50 scenarios, it has great replayability
  • There is a lot of fun when someone betrays the group; always elicits laughter and/or yelling!
  • The randomized tiles makes the gameboard unique each time and sometimes helps the main group, and sometimes helps the betrayer! 
  • Since games are relatively quick, you can play 2 or three times in a night, or move on to another game.

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

  1. What is your favorite cooperative game?
  2. If you have played Betrayal, what was your favorite feature?
  3. Did it matter which character you played?

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