Game Mode Reveal:  Unicorn Magic!

Wizard Tag Wands contain many different game modes, each one with a unique light animation.  In addition, the Wizard Guide will help you to set up each game, and most importantly, tell you how to win!

It is time to find out how to play Unicorn Magic with the Wizard Tag Wands!

Wizard Tag Game Mode Reveal: Unicorn Magic!!!

What is Unicorn Magic?

Unicorn Magic is a version of reverse tag.

When you are a kid, playing tag on the playground, if you are “IT”, then all of the kids run from you and you don’t know any peace until you tag someone, making them “IT”.  This game mode is similar except it’s reversed, everyone is chasing YOU trying to be “IT”!

If you are lucky enough to be the Wizard who starts with Unicorn Magic, then you are already gaining points when the game starts.

You get points for the amount of time that you carry the Unicorn Magic and extra points when you attack someone while you have it.  

If you are “IT” in this game, you know it.  You could try to hide and just gain points for having the power, but others will be in a free-for-all and still gaining points at a normal rate in combat.  If you don’t engage, they will gain points faster than you.  Your best bet is to chase the others and get double points for attacking while you have Unicorn Magic.

How will you know you have Unicorn Magic?  Your wand will have a continuous cascading rainbow flowing down from the tip of the wand.  Nobody else!  It’s bright, and colorful and leaves no doubt that you are “IT”.

How do you lose Unicorn Magic and how will you know?

You have it and everyone else wants it!

When you hit someone while you have Unicorn Magic, you get 2x the points, but if you get hit, you lose the Unicorn Magic causing it to migrate to the person who is closest to you (that being said, if you’re trying to steal the Unicorn Magic, you want to make sure you’re the closest person to the wand that currently has it, otherwise it will go to someone else!).

It will be obvious that you lost it, because your rainbow sparkle will be gone!  Your wand will return to the original colors you set for your wand’s side crystals.  Also, you will see that someone near you has caught the rainbow with their wand.

At that point, you’ve had a taste of the power and probably want it back!

Magic Unicorn Horn silliness (& the LEDs work well outside!)

Does Unicorn Magic have variations?

This game mode can be tailored, like most of the modes, but it always has unlimited lives.  You are able to adjust the game time so that the shortest version is 5 minutes and the longest is 60 minutes.  

Other than that you can play with limited or unlimited mana.  Limited mana means that you will see your mana fade as you cast each spell.  This will be displayed as a decreasing light bar on one of your side crystals.  When it is Zero, you cannot cast spells, even a shield!  The way to recharge your mana is easy; simply hold the wand still and it will slowly recharge.  You may have to stop running and hide behind a tree!

When the time is up for this game mode, the winner will be the one with the most points, so rampaging with the rainbow Unicorn Magic can help you achieve that goal!

Default Match Settings

  • Duration: 15 Minutes
  • Lives: Unlimited
  • Mana: Unlimited
  • Host Starts with Unicorn Magic

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

  1. Do you still have questions about this game mode?
  2. Have you ever played a similar kind of tag?  How was it different?
  3. What kind of game modes would you like to see in the Wizard Tag Wand?  Perhaps your selection is already available, or maybe it can be added!

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