Game Mode Reveal:  Duel!

Wizard Tag Wands contain many different game modes, each one with a unique light animation.  The Wizard Guide will help you to set up each game, and most importantly, tell you how to win!

It is time to find out how to Duel with the Wizard Tag Wands!

Wizard Tag Game Mode Reveal: Duel!!!

What is Duel?

Duel is one of the simplest game modes in the wand.

Sometimes you just have two people available for combat, or maybe you just have a grudge against one “friend”!  In any case, Duel Mode is fun since you have only one opponent to focus on.  

Even if there are other Wizards in the area, the Duel game mode will set up a private battle just for two.  If others throw spells at you, or if you target anyone other than your opponent in the duel, nothing will happen.  Spells can be cast, but they will not register as hits and you won’t get any points.  

Essentially, you are transported to another plane, where other people and Wizards are just spirits!

What can you do in Duel?

In Duel, you can cast the same offensive and defensive spells as in any other game mode, but you don’t have to worry about group tactics! 

Even though the fireball is an area of effect spell, it can still be a good choice for close combat, since targeting is more forgiving!

If you are running around a forest or at distances from your opponent on a football field for example, you would still choose your long-range option, the ice-spike!  

A quickly cast shield will always come in handy, and might give you just enough time to run for cover before the next fireball.  

Another way to mix in defense is to interrupt your opponent’s spells!  If you see someone powering up a fireball to improve the damage, you might be able to hit them first with a quick ice-spike.  A spell that hits while another Wizard is casting, will nullify any effects from the slower spell, while still doing damage as normal. 

In Duel, you need to be quick on your feet and quicker with your wand!

Are there variations of Duel?

Duel can be modified in the game settings if you are the host.  You can adjust the game time, as in many of the game modes, so the shortest version is 5 minutes and the longest is 60 minutes.  

If you choose to play with limited mana, it can add some tense moments, especially since you need to hold the wand still to recharge it!  You will be able to see your mana fade as it is displayed on the side crystals of your wand.  You may need to find a place to hide and catch your breath in order to recharge mana.

Some game modes only have unlimited lives, which means you win with the most points.  In Duel, you win with the most points, but you can also limit the lives from 1 to 10.  When a Wizard gets to zero lives, the game is over, regardless of the timer in that case.  So even a 1 hour Duel could end in seconds!

Whether it is the timer, or someone goes to zero lives, the winner will be the one with the most points.  You get more points for powering up the spells, but you are vulnerable to spell interrupts.  You also get points for blocking spells with your shield spell.  

One good thing about Duel Mode is that you are always guaranteed to at least be in Second Place!

Default Match Settings

  • Duration: 5 Minutes
  • Lives: 7 (or when time runs out)
  • Mana: Unlimited

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

  1. Do you still have questions about this game mode?
  2. Would you Duel in the classic gunfighter style; standing back to back, walk ten paces, then turn and fight?  Or…would you take your battle through a house, maze, or forest?
  3. What kind of game modes would you like to see in the Wizard Tag Wand?  Perhaps your selection is already available, or maybe it can be added!

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