Thoughts about Packaging – Ideas for the Wand Boxes

Deciding how to package the Wizard Tag Wand is an important part of our process.  We are considering price, quality, and design and realize that each of those things has a different weight for each customer.

How we package the wand may not be as important as what is in the wand, but it’s all part of the presentation!

Wand Box foam insert concept/idea

Thoughts about Packaging - Ideas for the Wand Boxes

Why is the package important?

When you purchase a new computer, phone or other electronic device, you expect the package to look nice, elegant, worthy of the product contained therein!  We feel the same way about getting a new magic wand!  It should be fun.  Unboxing is an important part of the experience for a lot of people.  We also understand that some people dispose of the packaging right away and would rather not pay a lot for it.  

We think that most people will want to keep their wand boxes for storage or display, which is why we want them to look really good and have unique features they may not have seen on similar products.

For those who just want to play wizard tag and are not wand collectors or concerned with displaying them, we are considering a budget option that gets the wand safely to the customer in a professional, if inelegant way, like a sturdy wand tube!

What are the considerations?

The three most important things we are considering when thinking about wand boxes:

  1. Price 
  2. Quality
  3. Design

Where are we on packaging ideas?

We have contacted more than ten packaging companies to float our ideas and get pricing, and to find out what suggestions they have.  Boxes can be super simple, ultra fancy, and also have some crazy design features.  We are considering telescoping designs, nested boxes for the accessories, lids that unfold, lids that open like a door, magnetic closures, and more.  

We will certainly employ some of the industry techniques to make a more elegant looking option, but we also like the simplicity of the classic wand box that stacks so nicely on shelves.  One of the ideas that we have explored with each of the manufacturers is the “book box”, which appears to be a large book like a giant dictionary or atlas, but when you open the cover, there are two wands, ready for battle!  

We think the best solution may be to offer four options to the customer.  Please reply to the questions below to give you feedback, but here are the current options:

  1. The mailing tube:  most economical, safe delivery option, and a safe way to store the wand.
  2. The basic box:  aside from the company logo and basic design features, it is utilitarian, but has the classic look that fantasy fans are familiar with.
  3. The elegant box:  much like the difference between a softcover book and the limited edition leather bound book with golden edge gilding, border decorations on the cover, embossed patterns on the spine and debossed letters for the title.  
  4. The dueling book box:  an option for customers who want to buy two wands and store them together in a unique manner.  The wands would be safely nestled into secure form-fitted-foam, and the book would look like a large, elegant book!

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

  1. Do you have any wand boxes?
  2. What do you like about them?  What would you change?
  3. Which of the choices that we listed do you like best and why?
  4. Would you be willing to pay extra for fancy packaging or do you just want the magic?

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2 thoughts on “Thoughts about Packaging – Ideas for the Wand Boxes”

  1. Jan David Fisher

    I think you may want to offer all four packaging choices with prices for each.
    1. Tube is free
    2. Basic display for 2-4 $
    3. Elaborate for 8 – 10
    4. Dueling Box for $20 (both display and utility)
    Can you use two wands together like duo light sabers?
    Cast a defense spell with one and an offense with the other?


    1. Thank you for your input about packaging Jan!
      1. We are considering the tube option, which is really cheap, but we think most people will want a beautiful wand box!
      2. Look for some pictures on the website soon (perhaps in the next blog or newsletter too) of our prototype basic wand box. We are planning to include the cost of the basic box in the price of the wand.
      3. The deluxe box is still in design, but it will probably match the deluxe wand, which will probably be a Kickstarter exclusive to reward our early supporters with a collectible item (and future museum piece)!
      4. Thank you for you input on the dueling box. We hadn’t really thought of that box (ironically) in conjunction with the presentation boxes that were built for dueling pistols. We were just thinking that a wizard might like to hide some wands in a “book”. Pulling out a dueling box and presenting a wand choice to the two offended parties would be classic and cool!
      In theory, you could use two wands at once, but it is most likely that when you get hit with a spell, both wands would be disabled. Unless you are really ambidextrous it would be difficult to complete the gestures correctly on both wands. We do have some left-hander versions of spells though. Also, as I said in another blog reply, currently a shield only protects that wand (not technically the wielder). In the future, we are considering a version of shield that is harder to cast, but could protect teammates while they cast offensive spells.

      Thanks for the questions and comments!!

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