New Software for Hardware Testing

Multiple tests on software in January resulted in verifying our wizard guide sounds good in the wand, finalizing most of the hardware, and validating some design specifications!

Jon setting up the software for IR range and angle testing.

Wizard Tag Software Testing

Throwback to Christmas 2022…

We were excited to receive new software for hardware testing, the week before Christmas!

When our programmer builds some new code, he can send it to us (with copious amounts of instructions on how to load, with pictures of what buttons to push, etc.) so that we can test it on our Wizard Tag wand prototypes.  So far, we have used this to test:  haptics, basic speaker function, lighting effects, motion sensing, menu navigation, and infrared communication.  

We are using a mini-Prog3 loading device, which erases the program on the circuit boards and replaces it with the new program or demo. 

We ran audio test software, which allowed us to hear all the professional voiceover files, but coming out of our wand’s speaker, inside of the prototype case.  Our awesome wizard guide sounds as great in the wand as on the computer!

Cally testing the IR angle of the Wand.

Software testing can result in hardware changes.

We loaded two of our newest revisions of circuit boards that were modified with short and long range IR transmitters (the “laser” part of the lasertag device).

We were able to test all three IR sensors on the wands (the thing that gets hit by the “laser”).

We tested the range and offset angle of focus for each beam (how far and how much area the different “laser” beams cover).

Multiple versions of the IR testing software resulted in a few minor and one major hardware change.

Jon testing the IR range and angle of the Wand.

Why test in arctic conditions when you can be a working snowbird?

It was definitely too cold to do the precise measurements outdoors.  North Dakota is -15℉ with 50 mph winds taking the windchill down to -40 degrees.  (Interesting note:  at -40 degrees, Celsius and Fahrenheit are the same!)

So, we just did some indoor testing, then brought everything to Arizona for the month of January (2023) for some outdoor fun.

During that time we were able to validate the specifications after coordinating hardware and software changes.  

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