Light Animations

The lighting effects are just part of what makes the Wizard Tag Wand so much fun and so unique.

We enjoy selecting our own colors for the crystals on the wand using natural gesture commands with accompanying sound effects.

The lights are not just for decoration, since they give you information in menus and in-game.  Whether you are using your Magelight to hold back the monsters at night, or just enjoying the light animations for the game modes, the Wizard Tag Wand really shines at night!

Unique Animations in the Wizard Tag Wand​

What are the Light Animations in the Wizard Tag Wand?

The animations are when the crystal lights are moving in specific patterns.

These magically imbued crystals bursting from the Wizard Tag Wand glow and luminesce in ways that tell the wizard information during:

  • Menu Navigation
  • Combat Setup (each game mode has its own light animation)
  • During Combat
  • Casting Utility Spells

How many light animations are in the Wizard Tag Wand?

Our programmer put together a demo of at least 50 light animations.

They were all great!

…We only made comments or change requests on about 47 of them.  Wow, the client can be really picky!

We modified the animations to be more unique and tried to best fit them with their uses

Game Mode: Unicorn Magic

Why does the Wand have Light Animations?

Since the Wand has no digital display, the light animations help the user to know where they are in the Wand’s menus and what’s going on during gameplay.

When you are choosing a combat mode, the crystals have unique animations.  The Wizard Guide will tell you what mode you selected, and the animation for that mode begins.

In the example shown here for the game, “Unicorn Magic”, you will see this rainbow waterfall during game setup if you are the host, and during the game when you steal the unicorn magic!  

Now each of the game modes has a unique animation that is identifiable with that mode.  Each one can help you identify that mode, even if you don’t hear the wizard guide.

They look great and we think they make sense in a magilogical fashion.

Game Mode: Duel

Do the lights have any other functions?

The lights are used differently depending what you are doing with the wand.

They can show low battery levels in conjunction with sound effects and haptics.

In-game, the lights can show what team you are on, who your target is, how much life and mana you have if those are limited, and what spells you are casting.  You will be able to see enemy wizards powering up spells and you might have time to cast a shield.  You could also try to interrupt a spell with a quick cast of your own!  Each of these in-game effects have a unique lighting effect to reinforce the action.

Out of the game, one of the nice features of the wand is the nightlight function.  “Magelight” has a soft twinkle that provides a gently pulsing LED glow.

You can also leave the wand on one of the game mode light animations (like the Duel shown).  We found the rainbow waterfall effect of Unicorn Magic to be really comforting at night.  

You don’t have to worry about the batteries, even if you forget to plug your wand in at night!  The rechargeable battery kept our prototype wand running at full brightness for three days with no problem!

While you are navigating through menus, the lights act as cues, along with sound effects, vibrations and the voice guide.

There are also unique lighting effects for when the wand turns on or off, and when the sound or vibrations change.

Final Thoughts on Lighting Effects

LED effects used to be custom add-ons in cars, but now they are common in even mid-level new car packages.  My cup holders glow, there is a glow by the floor so I can see my feet (or the fry I dropped), and there is soft LED lighting in the door compartments.  Some people might think it is too much, but to me it is the difference between watching an old black and white movie and a modern full-color movie.  Both may have great stories, but one is more realistic and fun to watch.

The Wizard Tag Wand lighting and animations will not add realism to your life, but they will add fun!

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

  1. How do you feel about the proliferation of LED lighting in our world?  
  2. Does it help you?

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