Whether you’re looking for a competitive way to keep fit with friends, a snazzy prop for LARP, or just some new magical decor, the Wizard Tag Wand can be used in a variety of ways.

Laser Tag for Wizards​

A Wand for Magic Battle

Wizard Tag has adapted a variety of games to the world of fantasy, taking inspiration from laser tag, recess, and video games.

Each game has preset settings, but these settings are customizable, allowing Wizards the ability to set the match timer, player lives, and mana limits.

Amplify your Imagination

A Wand for Play

Wave your wand and activate your wand’s flashlight to illuminate your path as you wander through a forest.

Reveal secret messages with a flick of your wrist, activating your wand’s UV light with a purple glow.

Enchant your Space

A Wand for Looks

A gentle nightlight while you sleep, or something akin to a lava lamp to add some color to your room.

Wand Features

The Wand is Everything

No Additional Tech Devices Needed.

All feedback is done through the LEDs, audio, and haptic systems.

Take a break from the screens, and take the time to play.

No additional accessories are necessary for play, the Wand is everything.

Motion Controlled

Navigate Menus and Cast Spells with Wand Motion.

Real wizards don’t press buttons on their wands to cast spells, so why should you?

From modifying wand settings to setting up Wizard Tag games, its all done with gesture commands.

The navigation gestures are intuitive as they are similar to the way you would navigate on most touchscreen devices, the difference being, here you’re waving a magic wand.

Rechargeable Battery

USB-C Compatible.

The Li-ion battery gives the wand enough power for hours of use before needing a charge.

The wand will give an indication with the battery is low on power.

The charging port is hidden by a dust cover that blends into the design of the wand’s handle.

Power Saving

Helping your Battery Last.

The wand conserves power by automatically entering sleep mode when interaction isn’t detected for a period of time.  To wake up from sleep, simply shake the wand.

If you want to turn the wand completely off, there is a power button hidden in the handle on the opposite side of the charge port.  Simply press and hold the button to turn on and off.

User Friendly Interface

Navigation is Intuitive.

Scroll Up

Scroll Down


Go Back/No


Users can Adjust Wand Preferences in the Settings Menu.

Brightness can be adjusted in the settings, and the wand is also equipped with an ambient light sensor to automatically adjust to your environment.

The color of the crystals are customizable within the settings.

“Move your wand around until you find a color you like, then hold your wand still to select the color.”

Volume can be adjusted in the settings, and users can quickly mute/unmute with a master gesture.

Stay Tuned,

There’s more to come…

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