Wizard Guide

The Wizard Tag wand does not use any buttons or screens to navigate through commands and menus.

Along with tailored light animations, sound effects, and haptics, the Wizard Guide is the key to keeping you oriented in the wand’s menus.  You make choices with intuitive gesture commands which the Wizard Guide lists for you.  When you make a selection, the Wizard Guide confirms it.

The tone and style of the voice is important because rather than creating an instruction menu, we wanted to present a magical companion!

Wizard Guide

Wand to Wizard communication without the use of a digital screen.

We knew that we didn’t want any displays or screens to stare at, because frankly there is plenty of that on the market now.

Parents are looking for alternative activities and adults who stare at screens all day for work will appreciate the heads-up, interactive, physically engaging play that Wizard Tag promotes!  

Information is conveyed with light, vibration, and sound effects, but the voice guide is the most important.

How did we decide on the voice and accent for the Wizard Guide?

Cally wrote the script to be informative and playful.

We wanted the guide to be magical, so I recorded the script in one of the voices I used when I read Harry Potter for bedtime stories when Cally was little.  My inspiration was my version of Hagrid’s voice, which was really a conglomeration of my imitation of Sean Connery, and also my bedtime story voice for the Spook, in The Last Apprentice.
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Listening to your own voice on a recording always sounds a bit funny.  I think I did a passable job, but we decided to look for a professional.

We interviewed over twenty voice actors with Irish, English, and Scottish accents, looking for the one that evoked magic in our hearts.  Finally we selected someone with a lovely voice in Glasgow!

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What does the Wizard Guide do for you?

The wizard guide tells you where you are and keeps you in the right frame of mind for magic.

If you were looking at your phone or a small LCD screen, you would be concentrating on technology.  But when the guide lets you know your options, or what you have selected in the menus, it is like you are embarking on a magical adventure.

We think that our wizard guide makes Wizard Tag wands special.

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

  1. What are your thoughts about virtual menus? 
  2. Have you ever used a product with augmented reality menus?
  3. Can you imagine navigating them without a visual reference?

Want more Wizard Tag updates?

Follow our Progress as we create Laser Tag for Wizards!


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