Starlight, Magelight, and UltraViolet Light!

Why reach for a flashlight, when you could just cast Starlight?

Are you afraid of the dark or do you just like the soft glow of twinkling lights when you put down the book?  Magelight is the answer.

Do you want to test the fluorescence of various objects to Ultraviolet light?  Cast the UV spell!

Experimenting with Fluorescence

Wizard Tag Wand Utility Spells!

What Utility Spells are in the Wizard Tag Wands?

There are three utility spells that are accessible from the top menu:

  1. Starlight – Also Known As “Flashlight”.
  2. Magelight – AKA “Nightlight”.
  3. UV light – Well it’s just “UV” light, or “Ultraviolet” light.

How do you cast these utility spells and how are they useful?

1.  Starlight:  Draw a star with the tip of the wand, starting at the bottom-left point.

    • Read books after “lights out”.
    • Find your way on a dark path.
    • Challenge a friend to see who can cast Starlight quickest!
Reading by Starlight

2.  Magelight:  Draw the shape of a crescent moon, starting at the top-right point.

    • Turn on a “nightlight” to keep the monsters at bay.
    • Create a nice LED-glow ambience in your room for the evening.
    • Set a timer for 5, 15, 30 or 60 minutes, or even 8 hours!

3.  UV light:  Draw a half-circle, starting at the top-left (that looks like a “U”), then continue down and to the left and draw a “V”, ending where you started.  In other words, you draw “UV”!

    • Look for “invisible” messages, written white-on-white.
    • Test ultraviolet fluorescence of rocks and other objects.
    • Start a mini-rave!
UV Light

How do you find things that fluoresce under Ultraviolet Light?

Ultraviolet lights can be used in forensics and to look for counterfeit money, but do people really use UV lights for a hobby?  They do!  And there are a lot of things that glow in interesting ways under the UV light.  

You can test various types of “invisible” writing methods.  UV will work to varying degrees with white marker, paint, and crayon, but we found white pencil reacts best.

There are a lot of people who get a UV-LED light and look for stones that glow in cool ways under UV.  Some rocks will seem to change color drastically.  We found one that changes from a light green in white light or “daylight”, but it fluoresces orange under UV!  

These animals glow, but we’ve never seen them or tested this:

  • Platypus
  • Wombat
  • Koala
  • Bilby
  • Tasmanian Devil
  • …dozens of species have fur that supposedly glows under UV…test with care!

List of items we have tested with the Wizard Tag Wand UV Light:

  • Apatite with Orange Calcite
  • Green Fluorite
  • Rhodochrosite
  • Honey Calcite
  • Ivory Calcite
  • Celestite

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

  1. Have you ever used an ultraviolet light?
  2. Did you ever stay up after bedtime and read books under the covers?
  3. What magical name would you give to the ultraviolet light spell?

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