Motion Gesture Spells

While gesture recognition is not new, it is mostly used to control things in virtual worlds, but Wizard Tag wants to help make magic real, with real effects in our world!

How Does Wizard Tag Use Motion Gesture Spells to Make Magic Real?

Inspired by the interactive wands of the Wizarding World, but wanting more.

You may have read our Wizard Tag origin story, and know that we, the Co-Founders, spent a lot of time in Universal Studios Harry Potter World.

The magical environment was beautiful and immersed everyone in the feeling of being in Diagon Alley, Nocturne Alley, Kings Cross Station, Hogwarts, and Hogsmeade.  Special effects were everywhere and helped reinforce the feeling of taking part in one of the great magical adventure stories in modern history.

The experience is even better when you are wearing Hogwarts uniforms, sweaters, scarves, and especially the robes; carrying school books, or wearing a time-turner.

The most common accessory of course, is the wand!  Wands were everywhere and if you would think it strange to see someone waving a wand and speaking in Latin, this sight was not uncommon in Diagon Alley!

Levitating a feather for the first time, making cake decorations spin, repairing armor, and even finding secret spells, like the one contained in the barrel of dragon poo, increased the wonder of casting spells with wands.

Although the wonders of levitation did not fade after a hundred casts, leaving the park took away the interactive part of the interactive wands.

The need for wands with built-in gesture recognition, to keep the magic going outside the parks.

The gesture recognition at the park was built into the park; movement was not detected by the wand, but reflected off of the tip of the wand and analyzed at the spell locations.  While the sense of magic was wonderful, there was nothing in the wand!  

Gesture recognition can be used to control nearly any mundane electrical activity.  Wizard Tag wands are designed to interact with each other in a way that is not limited by where you are.

You can play laser tag in a laser tag arena, in a park, forest, on a beach, or at home.  The same goes for Wizard Tag!

The limitation isn’t what’s in the wand.  Two or more wizards can have a great time casting spells over and over with visible effects!

Since the gesture recognition is designed for combat, the main spells are attacking and defense, but gestures are also used to navigate with the Wizard Guide through game mode choices.  When you cast gesture spells with the Wand, you see, hear, and feel the magic immediately.

When you are fighting in any of the wizard combat modes, you will feel your wand vibrating with power as you charge up a fireball, see the tip of the wand glow with the magic, and then hear the fire shoot towards your enemy!  When you strike your foe, you may see their wand go dark as their magic is extinguished, or you may see a flare of white light if they managed to put a shield up in time to save themselves!

Using the Wizard Tag Wand (prototype) to move around the color wheel in the color selection menu for the side crystals.

How does motion detection activate real-world effects?

Compact electronic components can detect motion including velocity and acceleration.

These devices allow the wand to know which direction it is facing, whether it is twisting, and the direction of movement.  This information can be used for so many things, but in this case, it is used to determine if a spell is cast correctly.

When fantasy spells are created, they may have verbal components or material components, but the Wizard Tag wands can be used silently, without any accessories.

You don’t need eye-of-newt or spiderwebs, or to say a spell in any language (although you may in future iterations of The Wand); just the correct movement with your wand!

If the spell calls for drawing a 2-dimensional shape, like a star, and you match the spell from the spellbook, the wand will light up.  When you are fighting another wizard and want to cast a long-distance spell, you just need to replicate the prescribed motions for an ice-spike.

If the wizard performs the spell inaccurately, there is no effect, which is a disadvantage in combat!  You need to practice the gestures so that you can do them under pressure in a magical duel, a large free-for-all, or when protecting your friends in a team match.

The wand knows the spells and is comparing how the wizard moved the wand, to the shape that the spell was designed with.  This means that casting spells with a wand is more complicated than pulling the trigger of a gun, or pushing a button on a toy.  You and the wand need to be in sync!

When the spells are cast correctly, the rewards are instantaneous!  Wizard Tag wands allow wizards to be wizards and experience the magic for as long as they want.

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

  1. What gesture controlled spells would you like in a wand?
  2. Where would you play Wizard Tag?
  3. Does talking about technology ruin the experience or can you immerse yourself anyway, and embrace the magic?

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