Feedback from the wand is important to us, since there are no traditional input/output methods as in other electronic devices.

We take haptics for granted now, since they are ubiquitous in nearly all phones and game console controllers. That means that there are some common and learned “buzzes” that mean something to everyone. For example, “Bzzzt…” Oh, did I get a text?

Using Haptics to Aid in Communication​

Varying the intensity, duration, and combinations to deliver different messages.

Differentiating messages you want to convey by haptics is not easy, since there is mainly intensity of the vibration, duration, and combinations. 

During testing we confirmed that some of the simple haptics tell you when something happened.

How do YOU know if the wand recognizes a gesture?

When you are navigating through virtual menus, there is a wizard guide, light animations, and sometimes sound effects to help you know where you are, but it is really the vibration from the haptic motor that gives you information first.

If you scroll through a menu or make a selection, that buzz lets you know that the wand’s magic is moving you towards your choice.

Since all of the commands are motion-controlled, the buzz tells you that your gesture was evaluated and determined to be a good spell, and the results follow with other sounds and lights.

What do haptics do during Wizard Tag gameplay?

In the game modes, haptics will be your first indication of being hit or of correctly casting offensive and defensive spells.

We got some good haptic pattern samples from our programmer and are confident that haptics will enhance the Wizard Tag experience!

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

  1. Do you use the vibration on game controllers or do you turn it off?   
  2. Do you think haptic feedback assists with communication?

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