Game Mode Reveal:  Necromancers!

This week we are revealing the Wizard Tag Wand Game Mode called, “Necromancers!”

This mode has a unique light animation that represents conflict between necromancers, who have some power over death.

This mode resembles a game mode that some people might know as “Medics”.  The Wizard Guide will help you to set up this game, and of course, she will tell you how to win!

Wizard Tag Game Mode Reveal: Necromancers!!!

What is the Necromancers Game Mode?

In this game mode there are two to five teams.  Each team has one necromancer who has the power to resurrect dead teammates by casting a spell on them.

This game mode is different from most of the others, since each player only has one life!  Once they are killed, they are dead, unless their necromancer can find them to resurrect them.  Until that time, the dead players will not be able to cast any spells.

The necromancers have three lives, so they are sturdier, however, once they are dead, there is nothing that can be done to bring them back.  In other words, a team that loses their necromancer is in trouble!

How do you win in Game Mode Necromancers?

Winning Necromancers is simple.  Someone from your team must survive when all of the other teams are dead.  A great strategy is to protect or hide your necromancer, since they can resurrect the rest of the team.  

Once your necromancer is dead, your team is on borrowed time.  The only hope at that point is to not get hit and to destroy the other necromancer(s) as quickly as possible and hopefully gain the numbers advantage.

If time runs out and there are people alive on multiple teams, the team with the most survivors wins!

Are there Necromancer variations?

In Necromancer mode you can adjust the lives that the necromancer starts with, from one to ten, however the rest of the team always has one life.

The match time can be as short as five minutes and as long as an hour.  

Limiting mana or not is up to the host.  If you play with limited mana, you will have to cast your spells sparingly.  You also have to be ready to hold your position and hold your wand steady to recharge your mana when necessary!

Default Match Settings

  • Duration: 15 Minutes
  • Lives: 1 life for Wizards, 3 lives for Necromancer(s)
  • Mana: Unlimited

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

  1. Do you still have questions about this game mode?
  2. Do you think the necromancer should start with more lives?
  3. Have you ever played a version of “Medics” in another combat game? Did you like it and what would you change if you could?
  4. What kind of game modes would you like to see in the Wizard Tag Wand?  Perhaps your selection is already available, or maybe it can be added!

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