Game Mode Reveal:  Every Wizard for Themself!

The Wizard Tag Wand Game Mode of the Week is called, “Every Wizard for Themself!”

Like the other game modes, it has a unique light animation.  This mode resembles classics such as “Free-For-All” and “Elimination”.  The Wizard Guide will help you to set up this game, and of course, she will tell you how to win!

Wizard Tag Game Mode Reveal: Every Wizard for Themself!!!

What is Every Wizard for Themself?

This game mode is also very simple to understand, because it’s all in the title!

This is a Wizard’s free-for-all battle.  You can play with small or large groups, but you cannot be on a team in this mode.

Points are acquired the same way for everyone, and the only way to win is to hit others with more offensive spells (gain points) and get hit with fewer yourself (lose points).  Have the most points at the end to be the winner!

What can you do in this game mode?

In Every Wizard for Themself, you can cast the same offensive and defensive spells as in other game modes, and just like Duel Mode, you don’t have to worry about group tactics! 

If you see a group of enemies, try using a fireball to hit as many as possible at once.

Save your ice-spike as a long range option or if you are hiding and sniping.

Since this game has more enemies than any other mode, you may have trouble finding a useful time to cast a shield.  If you are surrounded, the shield may wear off before you get to cover.  But maybe not!  You never know.  So, moving quickly is important in this mode!

Don’t forget that you can interrupt other Wizards when they are casting, so be quick with your wand too!

Are there variations of Every Wizard for Themself?

This mode can be tailored like most of the game modes.

You can adjust match duration, decide if the mana is limited or not, and you can also turn this game into Elimination mode by limiting the lives from 1-10, kicking out players as they run out of lives.

Otherwise the winner simply has the most points at the end.

Default Match Settings

  • Duration: 10 Minutes
  • Lives: Unlimited
  • Mana: Limited

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

  1. Do you still have questions about this game mode?
  2. Do you prefer classic “Free-For-All” or “Elimination”?
  3. What kind of game modes would you like to see in the Wizard Tag Wand?  Perhaps your selection is already available, or maybe it can be added!

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