Finalizing the Case Design

We are excited about the latest case design that has solid connections, minimized seams, and beautiful features.

This year Wizard Tag hired a design engineer to modify the case created by our circuit board engineer.  The overall look is unchanged, but he was able to create the crystal field effect we wanted and to modify the design for manufacturability.  The result is familiar and elegant.

Rainbow light animation on new 3D print of crystals.

Wizard Tag Wand Case Closer to Final Product!

What changed?

  • LED covers modified into crystal fields!
Flashlight lighting up the tip crystals.
  • Button actuator redesigned and hidden under grip.
Nice 3D print of the wand handle grip.
  • Tip cap redesigned to accommodate UV, IR and white lights.
Light pipe redirecting the light from the UV (blacklight) LED to fill the tip crystals.
  • Minute changes to angles enable mold-release and manufacturability.
  • New clips built into the case secure circuit boards and perfect the appearance.
Black - Pink 3D print test of the full wand.
  • Each crystal hex was created individually to emulate randomness of real crystal fields.
Modified tip crystals design.

How do we know changes work?

  • The Design Engineer used Solidworks to modify the original design.
  • Analysis software checks the model for problems including:
    • Overhangs
    • Undercuts
    • Feature too thick
    • Feature too thin
    • Draft angle to shallow for release from mold
  • 3D Prints of the case demonstrated:
    • Clips work
    • Parts fit together with tight seams
    • Light pipes redirect light as planned
    • Battery is secured
    • There is no rattling
    • Crystal fields look cool!
Different 3D print tests for the new wand cases.

What is next?

  • New circuit boards go into prototype cases
  • Wands will go through a series of tests for
    • Security of circuit board
    • Protection from the elements
    • Containment of rechargeable battery
    • No rattling or loose parts during spell casting
  • Analysis for any final design changes
  • Designing surface textures for non-crystal parts (“wood”)

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

  1. What do you think of the new cases?
  2. Would you rather have a wand in a specific color or with traditional wood grain?

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