Countdowns “3…2…1…!”

3…2…1…!  Countdowns are great.

They get you fired up for an amazing event that is about to occur.  It doesn’t matter if that is a rocket launch or a laser tag battle.  Either way, your pupils dilate, adrenaline starts pumping, and your heart begins to race.

What do Countdowns have to do with Wizard Tag Wands?

Influence from NASA Launch Countdowns​.

We lived near Cocoa Beach for a while, which is known as the Space Coast.

Everything there is “3…2…1!”

The area code, businesses use it in their names, and of course everything that is launched by NASA, the military, or commercial ventures like Space X, uses a countdown.

In life, that counting, and the tension that it builds are an important part of something that is unique to the human experience.

3D print of the The Wizard Tag Wand handle (prototype) showing the 3 tori, 2 tori, 1 sphere.

Countdowns are in the game and in the design of the Wand​.

The design of the wand incorporates this important element at the beginning of each game.

The countdown signifies it’s time to run for your life!

When you look at the wand, there are three rings in the middle, then two at the base of the handle, then one sphere as the pommel.  We wanted the design to have meaning, sometimes explicit and sometimes hidden.

Why do People use Countdowns?​

Some countdowns precede contests looking for the best time, while others precede events that are momentous or just require precise timing, such as launching a rocket.  Events that start with a countdown, or a “ready, set, go”, often do not have a set end time.  

In Wizard Tag, you can fix the duration of most of the game modes, while others are over when the end-game has been fulfilled, such as our version of team elimination, which is called Wizard Tourney.

One thing that is consistent in all of the game modes, however, is the beginning, which is marked by the countdown!

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

  1. Are there any countdowns in your life that are meaningful?  
  2. Did you ever experience waiting for the starting pistol at a track meet or swimming competition?  What was it like?
  3. Why is the pressure at the start of an event so important?

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