A Few Notes on Software Development

Software development is tricky, even when you know exactly what you want to program.  When you are programming for someone else, you have to translate what you think they want into the code and then find out if you interpreted correctly!

We are actively managing software development to make sure that the vision for Wizard Tag is what is built into the software and so far it is going well!

A Few Notes on Software Development

Why is Software important for the Wizard Tag Wand?

The physical components of the Wizard Tag Wands are important.  The design of the translucent crystals makes the wand look magical while presenting critical information for the games!  The design uses classic wand shapes and features.  The grip is excellent, the sound and feel and haptics are all great!

The Software is the final touch that will bring the magic to life!  We already have the magical Wizard Guide programmed to help each wizard navigate the menus.  There are over a dozen wand gestures programmed into the gesture recognition system, and the menu navigation as well as spell activation works great!

The software is what will make so many games available to wizards at home that are typically only available in arenas.

How does the Wizard Tag Team manage Software development?

Every week, the design team meets with the software development team to review progress and answer any questions.  We utilize workplace communication and videoconferencing tools to stay in contact at all times, every day of the week.  Programmers often work strange hours and it is important to answer their questions as soon as possible!

What has been accomplished and what is still in progress?

As noted earlier, many of the components for the wands are ready to go!  The software still in progress is all about the game modes.  We are starting with Duel mode, since it only involves two wands and branching out from there.  The rest of the games fall into two categories; team games and games with special roles.  

Much of the code will be the same for all of the modes.  However, it is important for us to offer many options and each game is not only played differently, but has different win criteria and stores different information for the match reports!  The different game modes will require different strategies in order to win!

For every game, the host wand will compile all of the game data and prepare match reports for each wizard.  At the end of the match, a spell will activate the match report so you can hear your stats and compare them with your friends!

Will the Wizard Tag Software be updatable?

It is important to us during software development for the wands to be updatable.  We need to be able to constantly reprogram the processors in order to test new code and features.  It will also be updatable in production, so that we can issue software updates and make upgrades available on our website.

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  1. Does updatability matter to you when buying electronic devices?
  2. Have you ever studied computer programming?  Which languages?
  3. Have you ever managed any kind of program development?

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